About Us

LeRoi Inc was founded in 1995 by artist, musician and goldsmith Terry Michael LeRoi. 

Having musical roots deeply imbedded in the world of tattoo and body piercing, his love for jewelry and interest in body modification lead to the creation of the LeRoi Inc, one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of fine body jewelry. 

In 2004 the Upstate NY body jewelry company extented its presence into New York City with the opening of the LeRoi Manhattan Boutique. This exclusive “piercing only” shop made appearances on Fuse, MTV and David Letterman. LeRoi’s jewelry designs were also featured in JCK’s Luxury Magazine. Over the years the Manhattan boutique was graced by many respected guest body piercers. The highlight was our 2009 “Historic Weekend Event” with special guest piercer, Master Piercer Elayne Angel, author of The Piercing Bible. Our 7 years in NYC further enhanced our understanding of piercing techniques and jewelry function. 

Over the past 25 years LeRoi Inc has created and innovated many new trademarked body jewelry designs including The Hybrid Line™, Venus Hoop™, Tres Jolie™, SkullDuggery™ and Skull Factory™, Bijoux™, Haute Couture Bijoux™, Hommage Marquise Collection™, and Geometric™ lines. We are one of the only body jewelry manufacturers left who have tailored our operations and product line to accommodate the body piercer’s ever changing piercing requirements including special length, diameter and custom jewelry designs. We have been corporate members and sponsors of the Association of Professional Piercers since 2006. 

To the 1000’s of piercers and customers worldwide who support and educate us, sincere thanks. We strive for excellence and our passion and love for this industry is evident in our continual evolution. 

With Express Gratitude, 
The LeRoi Family